Welcome to the online home of one small red car. Probably because of my size and my paint work I’m known as Big Red.  I live in a garage in Milton Keynes , England.

I get out every so often and I plan to let friends and family know about my outings using my website.

When I do get out I like to

  • Go to to Ikea. They are Fiat 500 friendly and even have a picture of a yellow Fiat 500 with a lot of something on its roof all over the store.
  • Go to CostCo. A challenge every time as the trolley that comes out of the shop is about the same size as me, and it’s always very full.
  • Go to town. It’s good fun trying to find a park in CMK and quite a lot of people say hello.
  • Go on big days out. I’ve been on a big rally and I’ve been involved in a wedding along with a bus that’s older than me.

I don’t like to

  • Get wet. My wipers are rubbish and water gets everyhere. I also end up pretty dirty and need a clean.
  • Break hard. My brakes are about as good as my wipers so breaking hard is not very clever.
  • Break down. Sometimes bits stop working and new ones need to come from far away places. This normally means I’m stuck in the garage for a while. Thats OK in winter but not much fun in summer.

Check out my Blogs and pictures (on the right) to find out what been happening to me lately.

I hope you enjoy my website.

Big Red