A new roof

Today I got my new roof.

The old one was not that bad but the black canvas was split along the front corners. Some time ago I did order one but I got the wrong one. This time the one with the middle bar came and it was the right one.

Fitting was not as straight forward as it should have been. The small bolts holding the back of the canvas to the roof need a special 7mm skinny socket. Halfords to the rescue! Then the pin that holds the roof release clamp would no go through the badly made tube it was supposed to fit through And the tube was not sitting far enough away from the metal frame anyway.

The old metal frame front section was take off the old roof and swapped in to the new one. Worked a treat.

I’ve even managed to clean up the messy finger prints that managed to get on the inside of my new roof. Looks great now.

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