Today, after what seemed like weeks of being stuck in my garage I ventured out onto my drive. The first thing that happened was that the scratch on my door got ‘rubbed down’ and polished. Then some more paint was added. I think it’s pretty much back to perfect but as I can’t see it it’s hard to say.

Then I sat on the drive for an hour or two, staring at the empty garage. Just as I was starting to get bored I heard the sound of keys. This can only mean one thing; I’m off on an adventure.

Sure enough, after the usual small splutter that follows a long spell in the garage I was off. Out of my road and a well executed first left and away I went. Then the rain started. I went on a bit, then left again and then left and then right, and then… I was back home. A total of 3 minutes. Not happy, but at least I avoided the rain.

My next trip out better be longer and more exciting.

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