The Wedding

In early Septmeber I got invited to a wedding. My job was to drive the Bride from her house to the wedding location and then drive the Bride and Groom to the reception. There was a big green bus to drive some of the guests.

It all started the day before when I jumped on a trailer and had got a lift to near where the wedding was taking place. It was raining, and I don’t like the rain. Also I couldn’t see where I was going. Not sure I want to do that again.

It was much better on the day of the wedding. I started and stopped when I was supposed to. I tried to keep my funny noises quiet as they can be a bit off putting. The journey to the wedding was great, lots of people looking at me and the Bride. The wedding didn’t take too long and after some photos we were off to the reception. We had to take it easy so that the big bus and other guests got there first. When we did get to the reception I got to park in the courtyard. There were lots of people and everyone was happy.

Towards the end I got to park up next to the bus for a few pictures. Must be bad being a bus – far too big and how do you turn round in tight spaces?

All in all a great day out and one I’ll remember for quite some time.

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