I’m back

I’ve been quiet for a bit too long and a lot has happened whilst I was away.

My little brother has gone to a new home.  Apparently he was having a great time until he got left in a field with some cows.  The cows really liked him and licked him all over.  He then needed to be completely repainted.  Must have tickled and hurt!

I’ve got new suspension bits and new engine mounts to stop some noises that were coming from somewhere nasty.  I’ve also been cleaned and polished, which has made me look really good.

I’m not sure how much more I’m going to get out this summer as I can tell winter is on its way.  The garage is nice and warm so I don’t think I’m going to get too cold or wet whist I have my winter rest.

And finally a big thanks to Pete for helping get me working when I was a bit sick.  Pete lives in a garage called New City MOT’s just a few minutes from where I live.


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